Dogs and Demons

Today was a bit of an odd day. I knew the weather was going to be shit, and it didn’t disappoint. Had breakfast and lots of coffee, read the papers. Walked Sasha, although it was rather brief as storm ‘Kate’ or whatever the fuck it was called was heading in. I then had lunch and proceeded to spend the next god knows how many hours going through clips of the last USA adventure to turn into trailer for the new one. After I’d spent long enough we did have a bit a crises to do with taxi’s. Organising one’s social life can be a total pain in the ass so normally I just don’t bother and don’t have one. But tonight we’d been asked out so I though I’d make the effort. Anyway, that all got sorted, so suited and booted we headed out at about 8PM as the taxi was half hour late as he didn’t have a clue where he was going. I had to direct him to the venue, which didn’t end up being as packed as I thought it would be. It was the ‘Blue Lagoon’ on Gloucester road. The last time I’d been in here was about thirteen years ago, it hadn’t changed, you still stuck to the floor and it was still filled with an eclectic mix of very odd people from the local area. It’s still I find rather overpriced. Half of Tesco’s was there, so I was a bit pork chop at a Jewish wedding. The band performed a rather bizarre eccentric sound check and then pissed off for a pint. When they got going though I was really impressed, they pulled out a couple of Green Day numbers during their set plus a really good version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’. We bailed out at 11PM, the taxi was waiting, this one knew where he was going. An odd evening all in all, we most do it all again in about ten years time.

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