So my thirteen year investment plan begins

Started pretty much on time. Work was fairly dull, finishing one bit off, and then sorting out some issues with an old project, that kept me going for pretty much the whole of the rest of the day. Walked Sasha in rather annoying drizzle, which turned heavier on the return journey. When I got back I finally stopped peeing around with my spreadsheet and finally did a transfer into my pension. So this one and the scheduled one will put quite a large lump sum into a new pension. Since all the rules have changed and you no longer have to buy an annuity I’m now treating it more like a thirteen year tax free investment. The rules of course may very well change again, but as it stands you can’t draw it down until you are fifty-seven and then only 25% of it is tax free, after that it’s treated under normal tax rules. Walked to the gym, did Combat, walked back and did far too much work. Rinsed my bottles, the Pinot will be ready to bottle tomorrow.

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