“I don’t hum”, I’ve got over an hour of GoPro footage to prove that you do….

Started this morning with coffee and breakfast for three. Did lots of accountancy things. I soon got up though and vanished to Argos to pick up a present for Jamie (I’m nice you see, I give random presents). We then went off to Swindon to the outlet centre, where he failed to buy anything and I bought some rice bowls and a vest. Came back and started looking at the GoPro video of mother from yesterday, one thing I can hear through all of it is her humming. And moaning about her bloody camera. The mid-position valve is shot on the heating again, I need to strip it down and have a look, so the hot water and heating are all on together. Had a bath, now I’m about to cook a curry for me and the dogs. A good week all in all, enjoyed it. Roll on the next one.

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