So HMRC are trying to fuck me over

We spent the vast majority of the morning (okay, all of it) in bed. It is the most awful weather. I ran Sasha round the block. We ate and then ventured out. Parked up in the centre and then went to the piercing shop. I wasn’t getting pierced, I have enough. I paid for two piercings. We then walked into town, I bought new shoes, you can never have enough shoes. We then got Sasha a new bed for downstairs. I picked up some more non-alcoholic wine and beer. I’ve found the one called ‘Bavaria’, which is really good. Did the accounts, was playing with my tax spreadsheet and realised that I’ll owe almost four grand at the end of the tax year. I’m not overly thrilled about this prospect. I’m looking at writing off some serious capitol expenditure, so I may get a new iMac or something, put it this way, if I spend 3K on one, in reality it will actually cost 800 quid, the mad way the tax system works. I cooked tonights dinner, all very nice.

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