I never even knew non-alcoholic wine existed

So I did the shopping list last night and thought I’d do a search for alcohol free products, as I’m on my fasting month. Surprisingly there are now quite a lot. I remember years ago you could just buy this truly awful lager called ‘Kaliber’, it tasted like sweet piss and after a couple of bottle of that your stomach felt like you’d consumed a vat of sulphuric acid. Now they do ‘alcohol free’ Becks. I guess they can’t get every last trace out, but it’s 0.05%, so I’d have to drink a hundred bottles to get the equivalent of one, I’d get bored after about six. Also, as it doesn’t have the tax on it, it’s very cheap, I think I paid about two quid for six bottles. And here’s the best bit, it tastes exactly like normal Beck’s, okay, perhaps it is just a little sweeter. It’s also only twenty-four calories, but still high in carbs. And here’s the best bit….alcohol free wine. Yes it exists. I did a bit of research, they take an ordinary Chardonnay and then distil it to remove all the alcohol, so I’m looking forward to that with my bath on Sunday. May be this month won’t be so bad after all.

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