So bye bye FitBit for three weeks

Sorry updating today rather than yesterday because the wifi in last nights hotel like every thing else there cost far too much money. So had coffee and cereal as usual then walked Sasha for a good two hours, it was going to be the last walk we had for quite some time. It was a beautiful hot day, she enjoyed it. Then it was packing up the car with a ton of dog food and doggy drop-off. They were eager to go and happy to get there. I think they actually have a pretty good time socialising with all the other doggies. Then I can back and spent the next three hours doing some fairly serious packing. Did the accounts and photocopied lots of stuff. We eventually left at about half seven. Arrived at hotel by nine. Had to pay fifteen quid parking. We ate at the sports bar which kind of took us to the US a bit early. Service was a bit dire, food was fine, first beer in about two weeks, gave me a headache. We couldn’t get the TV to work in the room so I went straight to sleep.

Got up at 7:30, had a shower. Drove to Heathrow Terminal 3, found the car drop-off, all rather painless. All checked in. Now eating breakfast at one of those posh ‘lounges’ which I now have a card for. I had cornflakes, Jamie has eggs Benedict. Now just waiting for the departure time. Then its a nice short eleven hour flight.

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