From London to LAX

If you want the latest and greatest blog then please visit I’m really far too knackered to write anything more today.

Okay, it’s the morning after the day before so I’m a bit more awake now. It’s actually just gone 8AM, I was awake at 6:30AM, feeling very refreshed.

So yesterday was a bloody long day, it was a day plus eight hours. Started fairly early, we checked out of the hotel and drove to Heathrow, no real traffic, all good. Dropped off car no problems directly at terminal. Bag drop took longer than I’d have liked but no issues. We then went through security and checked into our ‘lounge’, this is something I’d just got a ‘card’ for, still cost thirty quid for the two of us but it was much more civilised than having to be around common people. Had some breakfast and coffee. Had a sneaky vodka before we went straight to the gate and walked straight on the plane. We had nice seats in the business cabin with the brand new entertainment system. Got settled in with more sparkling wine. The next ten hour consisted mainly of eating and drinking. We had real glasses and cutlery, with decent food. I watched three films, some cartoons and listened to some music. Plane was very quiet, very new 787 dream liner, these are the ones that catch on fire on the tarmac, we had no such issues.

LAX was fine, straight through and picked up luggage. Got bus to Alamo, I jumped off the bus and got straight in the queue, which was a very wise move as I had to wait half an hour and I was second in line. All the staff seemed to serve one person and then clock off, it was very piss poor service. If I hadn’t had jumped off the bus I would have easily been there another two hours. Picked a Nissan Altima, there were about five to choose from, got a silver one, it worked. Drove to Anaheim in LA traffic, which is always fun, five different high-ways. Got there in just over an hour. Nice hotel, checkin was a breeze, good room on the sixteenth floor. We had a little sit down and I did the first part of the video edit. We then ventured out to Downtown Disney, which was about a twenty or so minute walk. By the time we got there I was really hanging, it was gone 5AM UK time. We walked round for a bit and then headed back towards the hotel direction. We then went to the ‘Cheesecake Factory’, ate a massive dinner, had a couple of really nice ‘Blue Moon’ draft beers and then walked back to the hotel. I did the last of the video edits, exported the video and started the upload, it was 140 minutes to go…I just left the laptop on and went to bed.

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