Today has been really up and down. From manic euphoria to booking a one-way ticket to Switzerland. It’s not work. That’s been very hard, but its the one stability I have, I know what I’m doing with that, it can be the most pressurised thing in the world but I can cope easily. Weather has been very cold, cut Sasha’s walk a tad short because it was freezing and time was getting on. Popped out and did a home check early evening, then worked until quite late. Feeling a little bit of a cold, but it’s very subtle. Went for a walk and then had a bath. It’s now gone midnight and I haven’t even eaton yet. A very up and down week for sure. And I think I’ve got a patch of dermatitis coming on, anyone got any Daktacort going spare? Got a message from Jamie’s Dad about the goings on on the weekend, he apologised for a certain old farts behaviour and said if we go round again (actually Jamie and his sister, I never got a mention) he wouldn’t be invited. Now I know I drink a hell of a lot, but I reckon he’d been drinking pretty much all day and during that meal I’m pretty sure he cleared off the best part of two bottles of red, that’s bloody good going. I’ve got a huge amount of slack for people of a different generation, they were brought up in different times and have some fairly obscure views, but some of the stuff he came up with is pretty intense and even made me cringe.

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