Mercury Riesling

Felt very low this morning. I was still somewhat seething from last night. Jamie didn’t seem too bothered by the whole thing, I think he’s become a bit immune. I did get a DM today, which was appreciated. I think I agree, next time the dullest meal invite on the planet arrives I’m going to be unavailable, on all dates. If Jamie wants to go that’s entirely up to him and he can make his own arrangements to get there. I’m forty-three and can make decisions on who I wish to see.

Work was more of the same, but finally getting to the end of the current section, which is nice as it’s getting a tad dull. Got to fix it all up now and actually get it all going, so that’ll be interesting at least. Weather was nice, fucking cold, but nice. So Sasha had a nice walk. Walked to the gym, did Combat, it was Nick tonight, he’s overdone the pies at Christmas. Walked home, did a bit more work and then bottled the Riesling. That’s the last lot of white now. I’ve got vouchers for a couple more kits, so will get those ordered up this week.

We’re quite busy over the next few weeks, Jamie is away this weekend at some Sonic thing, we are going out the next two weekends after. Then we get to February, which is a total social blackout, I refuse to do anything in February.

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