Paid the balance on the holiday, so I guess I can’t dump him now until June

Started the way I like to start Saturdays. Coffee, cereal, papers. Could have done with nicer weather, it was bloody freezing. Walked Sasha. Came back and did a bit of music practice, I have a new course video, it’s very good, I picked up chord structure and all major and minor keys in about ten minutes, oddly you just need to be able to count to eight. Had lunch, drove towards town. Parked up and walked about three miles in the wrong direction to pick up a present for Jamie, lovely little shop, again would be nicer if it wasn’t pissing down with freezing rain. Walked into town, browsed. Went in the Apple store and browsed the staff, nothing which took my fancy. Picked up a card and some wrapping paper, that cost a fiver, very overpriced. Drove back via Asda, hoping Doritos were still on offer, they weren’t. Picked up bean sprouts. Came home and did the accounts, paid the balance on the holiday and had a bath. I was supposed to be cooking tonight, but I got Jamie to do it, I always burn noodles anyway.

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