HMRC is destined to annoy me

So I got another letter from HMRC, this time giving me a tax code for two months (if they could get away with a negative one I think they would of) and one for next year, which gives me about a flat rate of 67%. Still, at least I’m getting somewhere now. Had a nice long walk with Sasha, clouded over a bit. Walked to the gym, did Pump, came back and went though my pensions as I need to dump a shit load of money into one. Found I had two, well two policies, then found I had a third, then evidence of a forth and finally a policy number of a fifth. There’s probably close to about a hundred grand there if all are correct, which I very much doubt, I’m assuming one has got transferred to another over the years and it’s probably about a quarter of that, shame. Still, I’ll make some phone calls and get all the figures. I’ll then make an appointment with a truly independent financial advisor and work out what to do. Now it’s time for pizza and beer that isn’t beer.

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