Nope, I think she’s lying

Apparently she’s said that she never planned to sell or give away anything. I think she’s lying. She told me not to treat her like an imbecile, I’ll treat her like a lier instead then. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, I’m still planning to have a little chat with her neighbours and lodge something at the land registry, they can make building regs. rather more problematic.

Apart from the joys of that, work was on that bloody laptop again, but managed to shelve it for today. Did console placement buffers instead, all working nicely, a shit load more memory saved now that it’s implemented properly. Had some issues with atomics and threading again, it’s always a pain in the ass. Walked Sasha in the rain. Walked to the gym, it stopped raining at that point. Did Pump, walked home, it was dry but cold. Did a lot more work as catching up for a short day on Monday, up to date now, fourteen and a quarter hours left to do this week, so short day on Friday I think.

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