Ah, so my mother has decided to sell something that isn’t hers

Didn’t have a great deal of enthusiasm today, took a long time to get into work. Still buggering about with that laptop, pretty much have to install everything from scratch again so I can get all the profilers working. Was doing a couple of other things with placement buffers as well.

Weather was nice again, took Sasha out for a long walk. Eaton far too many carbohydrates today. Went for a run, still over my carb count.

Got a text from my wiser (sorry, was downstairs watching Endeavour with the dog). Apparently mother has agreed to sell/let the neighbours have some land that she doesn’t own so they can build a bigger garage. Now, there are a few problems with this. 1) She doesn’t own the property, it’s on a life-time mortgage. 2) She certainly doesn’t have the legal papers necessary, plus the solicitors costs to do the transaction legally. 3) I have a feeling that the neighbour, nice as they are, are taking her for a ride, and I really don’t trust her mental capacity. So I sent her a rather curt email to the effect that what she’s doing is illegal and that I will be speaking to her neighbour. I’ll be writing to them and also logging a copy of the letter with her mortgage company, and that if any boundary changes occur they will be fully liable for any costs incurred. I also told her not to piss me off.

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