Miami and back again

Not sure exactly how many days out I am, but as usual check the videos at

In the evening we ate a ‘tasting menu’ at a very upmarket (Michelin starred) Italian.. Next day was horrible weather in the morning, so we lazed around the room until afternoon. We then headed down to the pool and had a sun bed and a few beers. In the evening we ate at another Michelin star Asian restaurant, which was more fancy than the last one.

Next day we picked up the hire car, which was a Chevy Camaro, it looked fairly pretty but had the performance of a sofa and not a very nice one at that. Still, we drove the six hours to ‘Key West’ in heavy traffic. Got there. Spent less than an hour there and then drove back. Finally ate just before midnight and had a rather mediocre but expensive steak. The beer was nice though.

This morning I drove down to Pompano beach. Picked up an R22 and flew it with a Swiss guy as safety pilot (can’t fly solo due to security laws). We flew down the coast of Miami at 300 feet, it was crazy. Then flew over to the everglades and crossed them at 100 feet. Finally over to a lighthouse to see some sharks. It cost me what I would pay in pounds, but in dollars, far far cheaper in the US. But it’s a bit more noisy as they don’t bother with things like doors. Stopped off in an iHop for lunch. Drove back to the hotel, picked up the luggage. Drove to airport, where Alamo successfully pissed me off again.

Eight hour flight back to Heathrow. Car was waiting which was nice. Need to call ‘Tracker’, apparently some alert was triggered, will have to look into that. Drove home, picked up the dogs. Now pretty much all unpacked. And the washing machine is on. Back to work tomorrow.

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