In the shadow of shadows

Cracked on, considering it was a Monday. I spent the best part of nine hours today tracing one bug and it was a strange one. Had a fence that wasn’t casting a shadow properly. After all those hours of tracing I found the problem inside the shader, the program string for the pixel shader was always being set to ‘null’, even though the actual compile program was set. Nasty bug, will have to add something to the compiler to detect this. Now have another issue that all my trees have vanished, well their shadows have. At least now I have a good understanding of the whole problem. I’ve also found that VS2015 has a pretty good built in GPU debugger, which is very much like PIX, came in very handy today. Has put me a day behind though. Sasha had a bit of a weird walk as we had to avoid another dog, so we shot down a side turning and ended up on a new route, Sasha enjoyed it. Walked to the gym. Did Combat. Had an interesting chat with my sister, everything is indeed my mothers fault, we now have professional confirmation. Came home and worked far too late. Think I’ll have a glass of wine and watch Donald Trump make a twat of himself.

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