“I’m always somewhat wary of the ground”, “Yes, it’s usually the first thing you hit.”

So started the day with coffee and another paper. Walked Sasha, picked up the poo and then drove up to Satverton. Weather wasn’t bad, a bit chilly, but a northerly wind and good visibility. I did almost an hour of general handling, a couple of auto’s, a confined area and some truly bad quick stops, that got better as we went on. Ben said I looked tense when setting down, I said I was somewhat wary of the ground, he said that it is usually the first thing you hit. I got the hang of it again after a couple and was setting down like a feather. Drove back and took Sasha out ageing until it was dark. Did the accounts, had a bath, phoned mother, she’s still alive.

So next week I have my medical, I then need a vict…volunteer to take a short flight out to the north over the Malvern Hills, so I can do the safety briefing etc. Will be very pleasant.

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