How 25 years suddenly flies

This morning was the standard saturday affair, breakfast, coffee, reading the papers. We eventually got up and walked the dogs. We then walked into town via ‘Forbidden Planet’ where much tat was bought. When walking back through the city centre I could hear a voice, ‘Tim, tim’. This is normally something I seriously try and ignore and it’s normally some poedo who banged me when I was thirteen. But when we eventually went into the Hipprodrome booking office he caught up with me, there in front of me was a friend who I had on Facebook, but who I actually hadn’t seen for the best part of 25 years. It was Adam Lukas, or ‘Spex’ as he was known. We had a chat, it was nice, but he was with someone even more special, ‘Jane Gilcrest’, Del’s mum, who I hadn’t seen in the same amount of time. She was looking well, which was nice to see, as she cared about me more in that time of life than my own mother. It was fun to talk about old times for a few minutes. We’d all moved on, but for five minutes we were sixteen again, we had some good times, never to be repeated, but they were good times.

Tonight we ate at the Swan, not the best menu they have ever done, but nice food none the less.

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