Herniated disc and a very old friend

Can’t complain about work, well actually I will, it was fairly tedious and went for an early dog walk due to a data build. Beautiful very hot day. Had to vanish early evening to get stuck in traffic and go to the Glenn Hospital on the downs. Got there with ten minutes to spare. Saw Mr Katsimihas. First thing he said was that he knew exactly what was wrong with me. Which is a bit of a result since this has been going on since April. He showed me the X-ray which showed a deformity in the spine (I blame mother for that), my L4/L5 vertebrae are pushed together and not free moving. Also I have a very large herniated disc above it, it was fascinating to see this on the MRI image, he could scroll between body slices. He asked how it was now and of course it’s getting better. He was surprised as it was one of the biggest leaks he’d seen and said I should be in tremendous pain. He’s recommending a bit of physiotherapy, but apart from that, just keep doing what I’m doing and don’t try and bench press any cars.

Afterwards I walked across the downs trying to pick up a couple of extra Rhyhorns but only managed to get one. Then a voice called me over, a man with a small boy. I recognised the face shape but I’m bloody useless with faces. Thankfully he introduced himself, it was my old school friend Gareth. We reminisced that it had been all an awfully long time ago. I made a pinball table in CDT, he made a G-clamp, I always aimed high. That was with Mr Elsbury, he was a strange old man, just had a stroke, if you wore white socks from PE he would make you stand in the sink and sing. You couldn’t get away with that these days. We both complimented each other on our abilities to grow old disgracefully, I’m sure it will be another thirty years until we see each other again.

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