Contemplating seeing Burt Bacharach

So started this morning with the usual coffee and paper reading. Odd occurrence during the night though, got up for a pee and stepped into the draw that is normally under the bed. Gave it a good shove back under and I hear a growl and a rather disgruntled dog emerging from under the bed. Sasha seems to have become somewhat ‘clingy’ over the past couple of days, I hope she’s okay, walking and eating all fine, maybe it’s just her time of the month, even though all her bits have been removed. Anyway. Booked in with Ben for a check flight tomorrow. Booked aircraft for next Saturday to take my nephew up. I asked if he wanted to go anywhere in particular, he said he’d like to land next to a Dominoes. Walked Sasha. Drove into town. Picked up a couple of bits. Did a home check for a dog. Had a bath. Nice weekend I guess. So check flight tomorrow, walk the dog, may do a bit of gardening.

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