Come up with a quote for a Mills and Boon

So had another one of my strange dreams last night. Basically there was a guy trying to show my the bruises on his inner thigh while standing next to his mother. He was but naked and had a massive dong that reached down to his knee and kept hitting me in the face. I then woke up and decided it was time to find a new quote for a Mills and Boon novel. The best I could come up with was, “I’m about to cum”, “Shoot like you are assassinating a president”. Anyway. Had breakfast and read the paper. Walked Sasha. Jamie had reserved an iPhone 7+…..except it was in Cardiff. Weather was a bit pants so I said I’d drive there. It was a good journey and we arrived in time. The Apple store staff always worry me, this one actually said ‘Lol’. Anyway, Jamie’s credit was approved. Walked out with phone. Walked round shops. Stopped off at many Pokestops. Drove home. Did a home check for a cat. Lady was lovely. She had a son who was totally steaming, very funny. Had a bath. Nice day.

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