“Calls may be recorded for training purposes”, and potentially suing your ass

So started this morning at 7:30AM. For two reasons. One I wanted to knock off at 4PM and the other I wanted to be in a call queue at 9AM. First goal was achieved. I set up three phones cyclic calling the number, one finally started ringing, it got answered in four minutes. I put it on speaker and started the digital recorder. To cut a long story short I got the guy to state no less than three times that the payment would be made in this tax year, even if the payment isn’t taken until the next. It’s apparently all to do with tax dates, same as an invoice, when you issue an invoice the date it’s issued is the date on which you have to pay tax on the amount, not when you receive the money. The pension goes from the date they request the money, not when they get it. Anyway, I have the full twelve minute conversation on file. Rest of the work day was uneventful, I actually got a hell of a lot done. Walked Sasha and then drove up to Staverton at 4PM. Got there at just gone five and did the flight planning, we took off at about half-six. Nice flight, down the estuary, over the bridge, which we did at 4,000 feet, just so we could do an engine off autorotation from one side to the other. Interesting fact, with little wind you can cross it in about a 1,000 feet of altitude. Then flew up Filton airfield other mothers house and then probably within about 1,200 feet of mine before going back up the M5. A lovely flight, landing was way too fast, easier with a bit of wind, which there was none. Drove back and then went for a short run.

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