Breakfast with Chip ‘n’ Dale, shopping at Hot Topic

So we intended to be on time, but failed, so were twenty minutes late for our breakfast reservation. Still, it was quite a grand buffet and we got to meet both Chip and Dale, great fun. We then walked back to the hotel and picked up the car. Drove to Orange Outlet centre and raided Hot Topic. Bought lots of shite. We then drove to ‘Little Tokyo’, lots of anime shops, no toilets. Then we drove to central Hollywood and parked up. Went to Ru Pauls sweet shop thing and made our own chocolate bars. Finally drove back to the hotel, which was no longer full of Asian Dentists (they had been there at a convention all weeks) and packed. We then walked a block down from the hotel and ate at a very nice little family Italian which did four hundred different types of beer, I had two. Oh and the ravioli was lovely. Went back to hotel and finished packing. Early night, 5AM start. The video failed to upload last night, so there will be a slight delay on that one.

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