All this food and galavanting is one thing, but I could really do with a sit down

So we got up at the crack of dawn at about 5AM and checked out of the hotel. Drove to the Alamo car drop-off. No issues, even if there was a bloody great crack in the windscreen, which I couldn’t honestly tell you if it was there when we started or not. Checked in bags at airport, went through security and checked into another poncy lounge. Had a few drinks and it was time to board cattle class. It was only a four and a half hour flight, there was no food, no entertainment unless you paid for it, but there was wifi for $10. I was sat between Jamie and a small Chinese woman. I put on CNN and read a book. Very interesting one actually, the history of Universal Studios. Soon into Orlando, where we had to wait and piss around trying to find Virgin people, they eventually turned up, the gift card we were expecting didn’t and we would spend the next couple of days chasing it. Picked up another Altima. Drove to hotel. It is very nice it must be said. Nice view and good wifi signal. Had a lovely dinner at the hotel restaurant and then had cocktails at Disney Springs.

Yesterday we spent the bulk of the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, went on Tower of Terror lots. Lots of walking around. Came back to the hotel, changed and then went to Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary. We were late as usual, but didn’t have any problems. We met all the Disney characters, I think we’ve now been photographed with pretty much every character they’ve ever produced. Went back to Disney Springs and had a couple of beers.

All this walking and chasing about is having quite a big toll on me though, my leg hurts now more than ever and I’m beginning to walk with a permanent limp. Every time I stand up I get a shooting pain. Actually, providing I don’t stop and keep going it’s okay, But sitting down and standing up is quite a harrowing experience. I could really do with a ‘day off’ and just sit by the pool for a bit, but with our tight schedule that’s not going to happen. Weather this week is utter shite, there are permanent storms.

When coming back to the room last night I had a wonderful surprise, Jamie had got me a basket of chocolates and biscuits and I had lovely messages from everybody, that certainly lifted my spirits.

I think we are at Magic Kingdom today. I may wimp out in the afternoon and spend a bit of time with a book.

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