Another hour on the logbook

Felt far better today than yesterday, head completely clear. Had breakfast and coffee, then mowed the front lawn. Took Sasha out. Made my lunch and drove to Staverton. When I arrived Sid was just about to go out on his solo nav, so that cocked up all the timings by far. I still had to do a check flight as it had been an age since I’ve been out in the 22. Sharon and Iain were in the aviator, Sharon was on the wine. We did a hot swap when Sid came back in, so I did a few circuits and PFL’s with Ben. I picked up my passenger. She only had two requests, one was to see into the centre of GCHQ and the other was to see a rock formation known as ‘The Devils Chimney’. Thankfully as the wind direction meant they were using 04, I managed to take off to the south via 22, which meant we went pretty much right over the top of the GCHQ doughnut. We then did an anti-clockwise orbit of Cheltenham and over the rock formation. Nice flight, I’d forgotten a bit how much fun the 22 is compared to the 44. The 22 is a sensitive little beast, completely unforgiving, you have to be alter at all times. The 44 is like driving an old couch, sluggish in maneuvers but mighty powerful. It was good to get an hour in the 22, I missed it. All set for Friday…..

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