You should celebrate, after all it’s not every day you have your third anniversary

Started this morning with the usual coffee and cereal. I had no real plans today other than work and salad. So started off this morning with a 48 minute presentation to a wall. I need to cut it down to 40. Spent the rest of the day on compute shader type things. Getting places slowly, but a bit too slowly. Walked Sasha. Went to combat, where my sister was surprised to see me. Laverne is back at the gym doing light duties, apparently she has had a bit of a rougher time than expected, will have to catch up with her. Anyway, did Combat, one more to go before Liz leaves. The new Combat is quite tough. Jamie texted me and asked what we were doing for our third anniversary, I was quite happy to ignore it and just eat salad, but apparently this wasn’t acceptable. So we trundled off to the Swan at Almondsbury, it’s a very poncy pub. We ate some very poncy food, presented in a very poncy way. If it was any closer we could spend some serious money there. It’s just far enough away to be used for special occasions. Tonight was special, I have been in a civil partnership with Jamie now for three years. Mentally it feels like seventy. I’m now in bed and he’s in his orifice touching up pictures of fruit. The rampant sex will have to wait for another night.

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