39 caches in about three hours, not bad at all

So started this morning with some very weird dreams, I’m sure it was down to the way Jamie was cuddling me. Anyway, nothing came of that so had breakfast and fed the dogs. Then I decided to do an hours studying. Still on weather fronts. Took Sasha for a walk. Came home and found the house completely unlocked. Nice one Jamie. Weather looked a big iffy so did another hour studying and had lunch. Also planted chilli seeds, that have only been sat there for a year. Set out and drove to Tytherington. Parked up. Pub seems to be closed which is a shame. Anyway, set out in high winds and serious cumulonimbus clouds and started on a cache series. Managed to do 39 in just over three hours. It never did rain. Drove home and did another hour studying. Sorted out the projector screen height and banged in some cable clips.

It’s all about studying now. Lets cuts the crap about being frightened of flying solo and just bloody get on with it.

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