Who would you save in a fire, your mother or your girlfriend?

Today I was hunting numbers. Actually that’s not strictly true, I was hunting ‘not a number’ or qnan’s as they are known. I was getting several creeping in to a render target. All day it took to discover the cause, I only worked it out on the way to the gym. Walked Sasha, we went to see the ducks, Dillion couldn’t be arsed and neither could I. It was a beautiful day, so Sasha and I made the most of it. Walked to the gym, we did the Combat, I’m not overly keen.

So an interesting news article on the BBC web site, ‘In a fire, who would you rescue, your mother or your girlfriend?’ This was a question posed to Chinese students, in which case the correct answer to them was always ‘your mother’ as family always comes before love. Now, I’d have to think about this one very carefully. First, I’d have to become straight. Then I’d have to find a suitable girl. We’d have to date, and then become an item. It’s a very tall order during the duration of a fire, but considering the alternative I’d give it serious consideration.

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