If it takes two instructors and one PPL student twenty minutes to answer one question, it’s too hard

So the morning started with the usual coffee and breakfast for three. Then it was a leisurely drive up to Staverton for the first of todays flights. I covered slopes, quick stops, run on landings and limited power stuff. During the intermission I did the radiotelephony paper, which I scored 100% on. Then I did the navigation paper which I hadn’t actually studied for (the test book is still in the post), and failed it by one question. I then took it again and only just passed. Got it was an ass. It didn’t help that there were screaming kids running up and down right outside the door. I went through a couple of the questions with the instructors, basically we all sat down with our ‘whizzy wheels’ and pens and worked through a couple of the questions, one of which took us almost twenty minutes. If the question is that hard, it really shouldn’t be there. Anyway, all eight ground examinations now passed. Just need to do the practical radio telephony test now. So two more flights next Saturday, I’ll may be do that test then as well. Apart from that not much happened, came back and went for a run. Then had a bath. Now cooking myself a curry.

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