Well it’s nice to get a response once in a while

So this morning didn’t start off great. Actually, no it started fine. Just had some unpleasing dreams. Started work, which to be honest has been fucking frustrating all day. My priorities and other peoples priorities are rather different. Plumbers turned up just after eleven, bath turned up shortly afterwards. Delivery people decided to take bath upstairs, plumbers wanted it outside. Anyway, at the end of it all, new bath is installed, taps are in the right place, doors on vanity unit installed. Dogs behaved fine down here on there own, needn’t have bothered with the office move. Not much else happened really. Went to Combat, my sister quite rightly had a go at me, it’s nice to get a response on the forum more than once a year. We did come to one conclusion though, Jamie is a completely anti-social person who spends all his time connected to a phone. At least I made an effort to talk to people, even if I wasn’t in the mood. Next time, he can stay home, and Katie Hopkins and I can have a decent discussion about Chardonnay.

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