Well it almost looks like a bathroom

So started this morning at the crack of dawn, well, 8:30, but it sure felt like it. The tiler arrived and worked basically all the way through until 6PM. And so did I. It was very dull. Walls were finished with half a tile left over. Not enough to do the side of the bath. But…there are enough floor tiles to do it. So that’s going to end up sort of black. So white bath with black edge and black sink with white base, sort of funky. I must admit it is beginning to all look nice now.

Went for an evening walk for an hour. Only a few miles, but I just needed to get some air. Came back and worked out the measures for ‘Are friends electric’, now just need to follow the bloody things. Had a shower and ate. Feeling bloody knackered. Jamie just come home from work, so I think we’ll both have an early night. Sasha at daycare tomorrow. Cleaners coming. Plumber coming to do second fix. So I’m sure it’ll all be bloody chaos, but one day closer to completion.

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