Well at least I’m down to three a day now

So started this morning with the shopping arriving. Followed by coffee and a poo. Work was dull. Okay, it was grass related. I had a bug to fix on PC, so while I was there I may have just tweaked it a little bit. Had another poo for lunch. Well, I didn’t eat it. Looked tasty though. Walked Sasha, even if it wasn’t my day. Put petrol in the car. Put the washing on. Attempted to clean my electric toothbrush. Went to Pump. Did a session with Laverne, that’ll be the last one now until she is back. So it’ll be about eight weeks without working properly on my arms. I’ll shrink. Jamie bought me flowers, how sweet. I’m sure it’s because the last time I saw his penis the Christmas tree was still up.

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