Spam attack

Once again I wasn’t in the mood. Cold still lingering. It’s not like it’s crippling or anything, it’s just hanging around. I keep having to ‘de-snot’ all the time. Plus it’s giving me something of a headache. I had to stop early evening as my head was just pounding. Walked Sasha just before the heavens opened. Went for a fairly long run this evening. The police were running a drink-drive roadblock just outside Tesco’s. Every time I’ve been stopped it’s either been on the way back from the gym or back from B&Q. That was a funny one. “Have you been to a pub sir?”. As I was sat there literally covered in head to toe in paint. I fully support it, as soon as they’ve had a whiff of your breath they want you to get out of there so they can move on to the next one. Put up the new hi-fi rack. It’s almost all finished now. Just waiting for my crimping tool to arrive and still have a couple of coats of paint to do.

Sarah, let me know what thingy and thingy want for Crimbo, get it in soon as apparently it’s next week.

I’ve disabled blog comments for the moment as my normal spam filter isn’t working, I had over four hundred comments in three minutes.

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