Conspiracy rife

Today started rather bizarrely. It’s a great shame I can’t go in to detail. But to paraphrase, I had introduced a ‘feature’ that was available on both consoles. Today the patch was release on the ‘other’ console and this ‘feature’ didn’t work. Large amounts of emails flowed. And no change was done by me. Yet by midday, this ‘feature’ magically started working. Strange that.

Weather wasn’t too bad, walked Sasha and walked to the gym. Did Pump. Walked home and did a bit more work. Still blocked up with a bit of a headache. Ran the extra HDMI cable through the trunking. Just waiting on my f-connector crimping tool and also need a couple of very short HDMI cables, then it’s all finished that side. Still have the door and the fireplace to paint. One weekend left, and I’m not planning on spending all that indoors.

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