So I’ve signed up to the Robinson safety course

Started far too late. Took me quite a while to get into it. On a different coffee bean this week, not a big fan. Still, it was bugs, bugs, bugs again. None were particularly exciting. I did manage to squeeze in an extra on the bloody grass though. Sent an email to Heliflight regarding the upcoming Robinson safety course at the end of March. I’m now signed up for it. I get to enjoy two days of rather harrowing video footage of dead people who fucked up, and how to avoid a starring role in any future videos. You get a certificate at the end of it, to show that you are in fact stupid enough to fly one of these things. Still, it’ll be educational.

Went to Combat, called in Sarah’s on the way home to drop off my nephews birthday present. That’s the first time he’s had it on time in eighteen years. He’s an adult now, so that’s the last time I’ll remember it anyway. Early night I think, fancy a bum.

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