Running eight miles is fine, I just feel sort of weak afterwards

So started vaguely on time, well 10, that’s on time to me. Was planning on working all the way through but one of the artists pissed me off with his continual whining, thinking that everything he does is oh so bloody important. I fixed his problem, but didn’t tell him about it, so he could spend all day having a bloody paddy. So walked Sasha, even though it wasn’t my day. Finished just before seven. Dressed up in lots of lycra, then ran just under eight miles. Came back, washed, then sat in bed for ages trying to get the drum track in Ableton to match the one in GarageBand. Almost got there, it’s a bit of a labour of love though. Now completely knackered, watching the Royal Variety Performance, which I recorded in December, good to see I’m up to date with telly. Apparently Dirty Den has issued Angie with a divorce…

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