So I’m going to go into a top end hi-fi shop dressed like a tramp and see how I get treated

H-Tile, you will be the death of me. But to cut a very long (many days now) story short I think I may have found the cause of my mystery. I’ll wait until Monday to find out though. Spent all morning fixing another bug which was causing everything to go red. Walked the dogs with Jamie lunchtime as the weather was really nice. Got in touch with captain James, we’ll start to do stuff again after Easter. I can then do about four flights in a week. Went to Pump.

So I’ve got a good quote from an online retailer for the amp and speakers I want, including cables and bits, with delivery. Now, I’d much rather give the business to a local shop, so I’ll try one tomorrow. If they don’t provide enough sucking up then they can go get fucked. It will be very ‘Pretty Woman’.

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