I walked in the shop and was completely ignored

So started off with breakfast and then took Sasha out for her walk. Came back and made my Tool station list, plus printed out an email from a certain online retailer. Then I ventured off into town. Walked into posh hifi shop. There were three salesman babbling over by a till. I walked round for a bit, then walked out. Crossed the road, walked into Richer Sounds. Perused for a bit, then accosted by a salesman who asked if I was okay browsing or would like some serious sucking up. I went for the second option, after about an hour of negotiation which eventually involved the manager, who is a jolly nice chap they got the price down to twenty-five quid lower than the internet. So I then bought some rather over-priced speaker cable, a sub cable, oh and a TV unit. Went to Tool station. Relocated the car. The manager and I then managed to get two dirty great speakers, a sub the size of a mini, plus an amp into the Astra. I was well pleased. Came back and went for a short walk. Then started the very long process of testing the old kit, photographing it and then sticking it on eBay, which is now all done. Now almost mid-night, must be time for a bath.

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