So I spent two hours in bed on the laptop, looking at flooring, welcome to old age

So woke up and got coffee and breakfast for three. Then spent two hours researching flooring. Think I’ve settled on what I want, going for a 14mm engineered wood floor. I’m going to do the entire downstairs in it. Rip up the cheap laminate shit in the lounge and dining room and redo the kitchen and hall so it all matches. I’ll even do the downstairs loo. There’s about four grand in the DIY kitty so should be fine (I put a little away each month for decorating and house projects, of course it’s been Geocaching season, so hasn’t been touched). Went into town, first time in ages, had to rush though as I had a couple of home checks to do in Brentry. Did those and came back via B&Q. They no longer do Dulux mixing which is annoying. I needed about six inches of plasterboard but didn’t want to shell out a fiver for a massive sheet. On a trolly was a completely knackered bit marked up for a quid, so picked that up. Had to kick it in two to get it in the car, but perfect for the small patch job I need to do. So looked at paint colours, think I’ll order a load of test pots and splash them on the wall. No real hurry for it. I’m going to start on the prep for it tomorrow, lots of sanding, lots of filler. I’ll have it complete by Christmas, I’ll probably leave the flooring until next year though as we have the party New Years Eve, and high heels and my nice new floor won’t go. Also spent some time clearing out the larder of out of date and opened but not refrigerated crap. Filled up half a black bin full of the stuff. Need to do the freezer next.

So it’s back to full on DIY season, I quite enjoy it actually. Already working on trunking and cable hiding…

Got a text from Captain James to say the CAA have received my paperwork. It will now remain on someones desk for about three weeks.

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