I think I’m going to do the floor

So did a bit more spotlight debugging. Rob thankfully solved my point light problem, which was due to an inverted poly in my isodecadragonfish or whatever it was. Then spent a few hours on crash reports. Walked Sasha. Then spent the afternoon working on a telemetry API, it was supposed to be ‘in my own time’, but considering how much overtime I’d knocked up this week I will consider it to be my own time. Walked to the gym. Did Pump, did a good weights session with Laverne, she’s confirmed she’s coming New Years Eve. Did a bit more work on API. Now we are back in DIY season, rather than Geocaching season I think it’s time to look at some projects. Obviously the lounge needs doing, but I’m thinking of doing the entire downstairs floor. May go and look at some stuff tomorrow.

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