Set fire to the arcade machine, Pissed in a victorian pissery and went to Iceland

Started off this morning with more bloody Aloe Vera. Then spent a couple of hours in bed doing tune remixes on Ableton. Finally got up ready to go out. Jamie then decided to make breakfast, so I turned on the synth and the light. Didn’t realise the light was pointing directly at the side of the arcade cabinet and managed to set fire to it slightly. No major damage, just a bit of laminate bubbling at the top. Annoying though. Went to Cribs and picked up some low fat noodles and rice. Then went to Iceland and managed to actually buy quite a lot for thirteen quid. Wonder what it all tastes like. Went out this afternoon to go to tool station, but needed to combine it with my two hours of exercise. Walked to top of Whiteladies, dying for a pee. So used the Victorian pisser at the road intersection, first time in 42 years, hopefully last as well. Came back. Did the day six video, did the accounts. Now going to have a bath and eat salad. Lots of sawing up of floors tomorrow.

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