Any day you get to use an angle grinder is a good day

So started the day off with more Aloe Vera, still losing weight. Took the carpet up on the landing and spent ages trying to get nails out of the floorboards. Gave up and got the angle grinder out. Took the heads off in no time and got the board up. Struck lucky on this one, found the mains cable to the socket and the top of the stud wall. Ran the cable the wall no problem. Even getting it across the ceiling was straightforward. Had salad, went for a two hour walk. Came back and spent ages pissing round with a crap junction box. Had to abandon it and just join up the old ring main, will need a bigger one. Anyway, going fairly well I guess. Oh the projector turned up.

Had a bath. Then had my first hot meal in a week. It was an Iceland Vindaloo with this fat free rice. It was actually very nice and set my face on fire.

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