Radiator and white wine

So woke up this morning in some sort of moral dilemma for some reason, couldn’t decide if I wanted to fit a radiator or overdose on pills. After about an hour I decided that although I hated plumbing, it was the lesser of the two evils so finally got up and fed everyone. Jamie had vanished that morning to work at 4AM. Cracked on and measured it all up. To be honest, apart from the massive eight it wasn’t too bad. Got all the brackets mounted and got the bloody thing on the wall. Then it was just a case of the pipework, again, wasn’t that much of a big deal after I’d managed to get the system vacuum sealed so it stopped leaking. Made quite a nice job of it all in the end. Silicone sealed the window. Put some sealant on the fireplace, I’m not overly happy with that, bit messy to be honest. Put all the trunking up. So the blinds are being fitted on Wednesday, so get everything else done. I reckon two solid weekends and it will all be finally done. At the end of today I syphoned off the first of the whites and then bottled it. It made twenty-seven bottles and one large glass. I had the glass in the bath, it was very good.

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