One Step Too Far

So this morning actually started at a rather bizarre time. Okay, it was actuually about 6:15AM. I got up, arranged my hair, washed the shite out of my eyes. Put on something that wasn’t speedo’s and descended to the outside breakfast bar thing. It was a clear fifteen minutes before the place opened. The chef was still by the pool having a fag. But after I’d placed my fat arse, a vat of black coffee arrived and five minutes later, so did two boiled eggs. One cannot complain. Now today was a bit special, I’d shelled out seventy Euro for a private ‘Pavilion’. So we went there at about 11Am. We were served with a multitide of pastries and beer. Basically we stayed here all day. We were waited on hand and foot. Served beer, some sparkling wine thing. Then lunchtime they served us with a rather confusing menu. We ended up picking four mains. We ate the lot. With more sparkling wine. God, I felt I put on weight just sitting there. At about 6PM I’d had enough. We sauntered back to the room, I changed into my running kit, which by now was looking a little worse for wear around the neck line as it was only being washed in the shower, and did a 10K. Got back to the room, had a bit of a bowel back end blockage issue and then changed for dinner. Tonight we were in the Italian, which meant I had the sea bass. The maitreD was very nice, so on exit we had the ‘cash handshake’. We retired to the room to change into a chav like vest. In the lift on the way down we met a couple who said, ‘Where are you going at this time?’, It was 10PM. We said we were going to a bar. Some people like to go to bed at 10PM. We went to the field cocktail bar thing, had a couple. Then returned to the lobby bar where we are now. Tomorrow, I will have eggs. I plan on venturing outside the hotel though and grabbing a geocache. I also plan on doing a couple of activities, maybe archery and pistol shooting, it will involve Germans, that will make it interesting. We are now over halfway through, and so far I’ve only put on a kilo. Not too bad.

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