Ode to joy

So I woke up just fine. Jamie had something resembling a hell of a hangover. Last night was quite a success. We may very well do it again next year, we shall see. We had thirteen people here at one point, which is twelve more than I’d like. Dillon was fine. Sasha had to be kept outside, she was completely uncontrollable.

Anyway, I spent two hours cleaning up, it was fairly painless really. I then had a choice, I could do my tax return and end of year accounts, or something more interesting. I went for option two and got my new years toy out. Which was Casio’s top end keyboard. I then sat there for three hours attempting to master Gary Numan, followed by a ‘learn to play’ keyboard book. I must admit, in ten minutes I was playing ‘London’s burning’ and within half an hour I’d mastered ‘ode to joy’. The problem I have currently is trying to control my left hand and the right hand at the same time. Put a collective in it and I can fly it to within a millimetre of an airfield, but by god I can’t do a G chord after a C. But give it time, I’ll master it. Still another few days off and back to work. In the meantime, I have those accounts to do…

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