Jesus is watching you

So here we are. The end. Or I suppose you can look at it another way. The beginning. Or at the moment, the beginning of the end. Still. So started up this morning with coffee followed by a never ending spree of cleaning. No matter how much dog hair I was sweeping up, Dillon was shedding it faster. Jamie got on with the catering side. We spent ages buggering about with a sub woofer. I took Sasha out for a couple of hours and ran her round a muddy field. Came back and put the washing away. It’s now kind of the calm before the storm. The inflatable Jesus has fairly lights and is attached to the stairs. Just gone 7PM. Still only the two of us. Just imagining all the clearing up that will be required. Still tomorrow is another day, in fact tomorrow is another year. Lets have one like this one, after all, it wasn’t too bad.

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