Just the five coats of paint stripper then

Started this morning with coffee and read the paper. Then I eventually got up, drove to Argos and picked up the shower. That then just leaves the grout, the tile beading and the thermal boards. Put another coat of paint stripper on the door frame and waited for many Amazon parcels to arrive. Which they did. I then assembled a keyboard stand. It currently contains no keyboards, but one step at a time. Drove towards town, then walked to it. Popped in toolstation, bought a door handle and lock, sealant, oh and more paint stripper. Came back, scraped door frame, still not clean, another coat of stripper. Ordered the grout, the tile bead and the thermal boards. I think that really is everything now apart from the blinds, and may be a toilet brush. Still waiting for a couple of bits to arrive. Maybe by the time Mr Plumber starts the door frame will be finished, I wouldn’t bet on it though.

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