Getting well into this years celeb BB

Started morning with coffee and feeding dogs. Then it was straight on to scraping off paint. Thankfully that really was the last of it. Then cleaned it all up, masking tape and then on with the primer/undercoat. When that was all done I went out for a run. Came back and fitted the new lock in the bathroom door, took quite a while to chisel it all out. Then sanded down the door. Everything now is ready for top coats. Had a bath. Jamie is now cooking. Haven’t done anything on my music room.

Okay, so celeb BB. I haven’t really watched it since I spent five glorious hours watching Kenzie sleeping about ten years ago. But there was just something intriguing about this years intake. There’s Katie Hopkins, who I think I share probably quite a lot of view with, she tells it like it is. I can see Nigel Ferage looking her up on her exit. Then there’s Ken, well, not sure if he’s just playing it up or if he is a truly racist bigot. And we are only on day three. This is going to be a good one I’m sure.

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