I’m so organised I bought a suitcase at 2PM

So this morning I woke up fairly early again, Jamie still blocked up and sniffing so I was in the spare room again. Only have one more night apart then I’ll be forced to sleep with the sniffing shit again. He seems to be getting better though. I’m on so many drugs at the moment that a cold couldn’t get close to me anyway.

Cracked on with work. It’s odd. This SDK I was ‘asked’ to not upgrade to and work on something else instead, today I was asked how much time it would take to upgrade to it. Management were somewhat confused when I said ‘yesterday’. Good bloody job I ignored them, or it would be well over a month now I’m away. So anyway, it seemed to go to plan. Shopping didn’t arrive as van broke down, so had to collect. Decided that my suitcase was too big, so Jamie had already bought a new one, so I got one as well. We are now outnumbered by suitcases by about ten to one. Took dogs to kennels, they always enjoy going there, pulling on leads to get in. All the dogs were out in the pen. They’ll have a great time. They will miss us though, and we will miss them.

Came back and did a tad more work. Then actually started packing. Can’t believe we are actually going away tomorrow. Anyway, got most of it done. Jamie kept getting in my way, so decided to walk to the gym, do Pump and walk back. Came back and he was still twatting about. Got everything packed eventually. Probably forgotten things. Not sure I’m in the mood for a holiday. I hope that changes.

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