I spent the whole of Sunday making sweet music

So woke up actually with a bit of a headache. Actually just to clarify, a courier arrived at about 8:30, I told Jamie to get his arse out of bed, but he apparently had a ‘headache’. So I answered the door. I’m sure it was the Jeager Bombs. Anyway, had breakfast and coffee and then had another one, I was raring to go by 1PM. I had a door to paint, well a second coat, probably did’t take longer than an hour, but it’s all finished now. The weather today was appalling, I mean to such an extent that I let the dogs out, they had a crap and normally Sasha would come back in and jump up are her lead, this time she came back in and ran upstairs, curled up into a ball and went back to sleep. So I decided to spend the day twatting about with some music. Jamie had some video to shoot, so I set it all up for him and vanished upstairs. I learnt some new tunes, including another Gary Numan track. It was actually great fun just playing around with the mini USB keyboard on the iMac playing around with some notes. Managed to come up with a few tunes just by ear. Anyway, uploaded the ‘Are friends electric’ video to YouTube and I thought it was the ultimate compliment when it did a ‘rights match’ and said that if I wanted to monitise the video, I would have to share the royalties with the author ‘Gary Numan’. It was a nice day, sometimes life is just about enjoying it, and today was one of those days.

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