I got smacked in the face, by a dog

Stomach returning back to normal. Head now fine. Took a couple of immodium as I was getting bored almost shitting myself all the time. Work was exceedingly dull. We both took dogs out and called in the vets for flea stuff. Did more work. Didn’t go to gym as the last thing I wanted to do was work on a stomach that had a bit of a mind of its own. So finally sat down with the laptop and set it up properly on the mixer with Ableton. I’m somewhat disappointed that I just cannot get a sound I like the sound of yet for the lead part. Now after about three sample packs and lots of plug-ins I’m almost there. So, did a couple of takes on that, it’s coming along nicely. Will probably attempt to film it tomorrow and do an upload. Now going to have a shower then attempt to eat pizza.

Oh yes, while sat on the bed with Jamie, we were doing high-fives with Dillon, when he suddenly decided he wanted to twat me full on in the head. Cheers dog, you do have a pretty good punch.

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